Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.09.30 Inkigayo outfits

The brown/red/blue outfits from their Inkigayo stage.

First I’ll post the pics from a photoshooting. They were listed on image.newsbank.co.kr and some fans must have purchased 2 of the pics in big size! That’s awesome! But I don’t know who they belong to so I can’t give credit. Anyway click on those 2 photos to get the full-size file.


Two fan-taken photos from this photoshooting by Adult baby – blog.naver.com/abstory_no2

One little pic. I don’t know who’s the photographer though

The next batch of pictures is from a photoshoot for an interview in the Waastar Magazine 원더걸스 와스타메거진 인터뷰 사진

Next are photos from the radio show MC몽의 동고동락.


Next are a lot of fantaken pictures of the WG at 명지대 (Myongji University)

First are 5 pics in 1 by blog.naver.com/woghkste. Click to get the full-size.


Next are quite a few pictures from this event posted on cafe.daum.net/wondercuty. I don’t have all in the highest resolution and there are probably lots more. Let’s see if I can find the whole bunch someday.

And even more pics like the above. But I don’t remember where I found them >_>

The next one pic is by ScreenHunter I think.

And two little pics of Yubin

There are some more pics but they are so small and not so share-worthy imo x3 So I’ll stop here.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.09.30 Inkigayo outfits

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