Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.09.29 Music Core outfits

There aren’t many photos of WG in these outfits which is such a pity! Guess they didn’t perform in any outdoor festivals or anything where fans could have taken photos of them. Too bad! They are so pretty!

First some shots from a photoshooting probably for some news site though they aren’t tagged.

These are a couple of scans from a magazine. This pictorial was released in the November 2007 issue of the korean Junior magazine.
원더걸스 주니어 11월호 화보 Click for full-view if you wanna! Credit: cafe.daum.net/wondercuty


The cover in it’s digital form because the quality is rather nice.
The other pics are scans.


And all together holding shoes from who21.com


Here are some photos from the MC stand when WG watched the performances from the other artists in Music Core. Sohee looks so sick in these two pics.. poor girl. Credit to Dahyun in victory90.com
070929 원더걸스 음악중심

Again from the MC corner this time by blog.naver.com/53815129 tagged with Adore

Pic from the ending of Music Core (I suppose). Credit to -c.hn

Now two pics from backstage at Music Core. Photographer unknown (to me at least)

And lastly two tiny pictures that I cut from a scanned magazine that was released in 2008. Just thought I’d add them here despite the horrible quality.


Maybe someday I will find these two in better quality. Alas that’s all I have.


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