Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.09.28 Music Bank outfits

These are the ‘striped’ Tell Me outfits they first wore in Music Bank and then later at Show Tank.

First are photos from a news photoshoot. Credit to 1S 일간스포츠 (Ilgan Sports). The head-shots get closer and closer lol. I thought I’d just post them all as they are.


The last pic got released just recently by Ceci on KakaoTalk 쎄씨 카카오 톡 소희

Next I’ll post the pics from their 2007.10.17 Show Tank performance because Mnet posted some very nice pics of that one ^^ But strangly none of Sunye.. hmm.
071017 뮤직탱크 원더걸스 텔미 공연

Next 3 pics by Go News 고뉴스 – gonews.co.kr

Two pics of Yeeun posing with a cap. Probably sponsor photos.


One pic of Yeeun that got posted on Hanyang

Two more nice big pics which aren’t tagged. Don’t remember the source..

Now some fan-taken photos from their Music Bank performance. Posted by someone on SLR Club ->see here 원걸 뮤뱅 직찍

And more photos from Music Bank this time from blog.naver.com/pobitoes Photograph by 단심

And even more. Just this time I’m not sure who took these. I remember someone crediting them to show-style.net but not sure.

Next little pics are also from before and/or after their Music bank perf. Taken by 쪼매니 from bestiz

One single pic of Yubin taken by a fan but I don’t know who..

These photos are from 2007.11.17 YTN Star in 경기대 Kyonggi University.
Sohee wears a white top in these performances but the original top was the black sequin top. They probably changed it so there is more variety (because she wore the black one often).

Credit to 야광머리앤 on SLR Club ->see here

Next are from Show Tank 2007.10.17 쇼탱크 원더걸스 텔미 공연

Credit to 영아고은아빠 from SLR Club ->see here

One photo of Sohee during YTN but I don’t know who took it

and one photo of all girls by YMJ

Next pics are a bit bad but I’ll post them anyways. Credit to.. I forgot >.<

Next are loads of little pics posted by 빛손 on Wonder Girls DC Inside gallery. Don’t know if it’s complete and if these also exist in full-size but here we go. They are from 2007.10.13 Go! 슈퍼코리안 Credit gall.dcinside.com 디시 인사이드 원더걸스 갤러리

To end this post here’s one little banner thing. Don’t remember where that is from though


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