Wonder Girls outfits from the Korea Congratulation Show

Unfortunately a very incomplete collection of these outfits which they wore only on one day (at least Sohee’s pink 8 top)
The official title for the broadcasted performance on 2007.09.16 was 전국 기능 경기대회 축하쇼 (National skills competition celebration show) but most pics are from a university festival.

The following pics are all from the Daegu Haneui University performance. 원더걸스 대구 한의대학교 텔미 공연 직찍

First ones are by parkozen_kei96311

The next pics are also by the same photographer but for some reason they signed those 흐르는강물처럼 (means literally ‘like a flowing river’)

Three of the photos are big and unsigned. I’m still searching for all the pics in full-size. Well there are probably more but alas I didn’t find the original post by the photographer! Too sad.

As you can see the last gif seems to be a compilation of the photos of Sohee during her dance break and the bridge part which means those must all be pictures once uploaded in full-size. How I wished someone could share those!

Anyway there are some more pics fortunately! Next ones are by 호마지 from the SLR Club ->see here

Next pics credit to 023457 as tagged. I don’t know the actual blog or whoever uploaded these.

The next pics are untagged and I don’t remember where I found them either but I guess they are all from the same photographer looking at the lighting and the positions..

Next couple of pics of Sohee are from 클로버 (Clover I think)

And some more untagged photos

Now some photos of Wonder Girls backstage with fans also on that Daegu University Event. Found all those on Korean sites like Daum, Naver, Nate and so on.

Next we have some photos that are from that Korean Congratulation Show. First batch is by 우울안소희 from the official WG daum cafe ->see here

And lastly one more big pic by emma:) but I don’t know where they posted it so can’t check if there are more..


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