Wonder Girls Mnet M!Countdown Tell Me Comeback Stage photos

In this post I’ll show you all pics I collected from WGs Mnet comeback stage on 2007.09.13!
070913 엠!카운트다운 원더걸스 텔미 컴백 사진

First up the official pics from mnet.com. I love that Mnet always takes photos of their performers! These shots are amazing!
엠넷 사진

First Sunmi’s close-up shots 선미

Now Sohee. She first wore a yellow skirt in the rehearsal shots.. wonder why they changed it for the final performance..

Yeeun 예은

Sunye 선예

And Yubin 유빈

Lastly some group shots:

I found two of these pics in very large file-size. Gonna post them here seperately as well. Click for full-size!
너무 크게 엠카 사진 Credit: blog.daum.net/7237474


One really large pic of Sunmi by Sports Chosun Starline (credit: cafe.daum.net/wondercuty)
스포츠조선 스타라인 큰 선미 사진 *click for full-view*


The next ones are by Sports Chosun as well. Just not as big 😦

Credit: foto.sportschosun.com & image.newsbank.co.kr 뉴스뱅크이미지

Next photos by Newsen.com 뉴스엔 OMG Sohee so cute, omona! <33 I love these pics lol!

The next photos are by Photoro/SportKorea 포토로/스포츠코리아 – isportskorea.com

Next by Newsis 뉴시스 – newsis.com

Those were all the press photos. Next I’ll post all the fan-taken photos which are really pretty, too ^^

First batch is by Yesung 예성 posted in the SLR galleries ->see here. They are from the 판타스틱 콘서트 – Fantastic Concert

Next photos are by Veltins again from SLR Club ->see here So happy I found these pretty pictures!

Next we have photos taken by a fan directly during the MCountdown performance.

Credit: 라리라라 – Lalilala lol ._. what kinda name is that. Makes it almost impossible to find the original uploader of these pics.. oh well.

Next photos by 사각사각 – Sagaksagak. Again I didn’t find the original pictures so I don’t have them all in full size 😦

Now we have pics from blog.naver.com/jhk1116. The thing I really want to know about these pics is why the person posting these first posted them in big size and then decided to make them smaller, put his blog link there AGAIN and then share them again and presumably deleting the bigger ones. That makes sense.

I have some more small fan-taken photos all from this event. The next ones are by blog.naver.com/soyeansh and were tagged 부산  동의과학대학교 축제 공연 Dong-eui College of Technologie Festival in Busan. So I guess this is where that Fantastic Concert was.

For now the last batch of pics in this post (until I find more photos x3) are from blog.naver.com/nbcforever

I have one bonus pic to share. Even though this is not nearly from this event but since Sohee wears this outfit I thought I should share it in this post. This pic was from the time when they promoted their album in Thailand in 2008. Must have been April or May 2008. You can see the Channel V logo in the background. I think this pic is very rare.

Well, that’s all I have of the M!Countdown outfits. If anyone knows where to find more or in better quality please let me know ❤


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