Wonder Girls – Tell Me Comeback Stage Photos

Here’s a collection of all my pics of WG in their Tell Me comeback outfits. There aren’t alot of photos because WG were not performing the song alot yet. 원더걸스 텔미 컴백 사진 모음

Let’s start with the outifts for their first comeback performance on 2007.09.07 at Music Bank.
070907 뮤직뱅크 원더걸스 컴백무대 의상 사진

These pics where from an online shop that sold bracelets, rings and earrings and such and promoted them with the Wonder Girls. I don’t have all of the pics in full-size but I share what I have. 원더팔찌, 반지, 이어링 스타샵에 올라온 사진 – Images from Star Shop. As far as I know these earrings and bracelets were sold online like on gilbot.com. But nowadays they are nowhere to be found just like the images 😦

I edited this pic in order to see more of the girls. That’s why it only says wonder x3

A bit bigger Yeeun.

Sohee makes so adorable expressions in these! Oh our Mandu <33


The one with blue Sunye is the only one I have in really big size. Click to get the full-size!

I guess these pages were also printed in a magazine because I have this one photo of a book (below)! What I would give to have these photos in full-size T.T

So next we have the outfits for the second comeback performance on 2007.09.08 at Music Core.
070908 음악중심 원더걸스 컴백무대 포토

First here are some awesome shots I got from Newsbank (www.image.newsbank.co.kr). I have no idea how I managed to get the clear versions of these pics out of that Flash-Viewer that site uses. I saved them a view months back but I checked again now and it doesn’t seem to work anymore.. anyways here they are ❤
원걸 뉴스뱅크이미지 (1 큰 사진)


Actually not everyone wears the Music Core outifts. Sunye and Yubin are actually wearing the Inkigayo outfits so I guess these were sort of concept shots to see how the outfits match or something x3

This next pic is really rare and I don’t really know where it’s from. It seems WG advertise something on flyers but it’s too small to recognize something

The next photos definately are from backstage at Music Core! Plus from one other event but I don’t know where that was..

Next photos are from Ufo Town in really weird hair styles (Sohee). They had an interview with them.
원더걸스 Ufo타운 인터뷰

Lastly here are the photos from their third comeback stage on 2007.09.09 on Inkigayo:
070909 인기가요 원더걸스 텔미 컴백무대 사진

Credit: 조이뉴스24 (joynews.inews24.com)

These pics seem to be screenshots from a Melon interview they had. The interview is still online on Nate. When I have time I’ll share it.
[07.09.26] melon juice interview – 멜론 주스 인터뷰

Credit: cafe.daum.net/wg070210

Here’s one of these pics of Yubin in full-size. Where are the other ones in full-size? I want to have them all T.T

If anyone has any of these pics in better quality or pics I don’t have yet PLEASE share them. Sharing is caring. Thank you ❤


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