Wonder Girls First Album – The Wonder Years Jacket Photos

This will be the first post with pictures from Wonder Girls’ Tell Me days. I’m gonna post as many high resolution pics of WG as possible.

The first pictures are high quality pics from their Wonder Years album jacket. Most are from mnet.com

원더걸스 첫 앨범 Wonder Years 고화질 자켓 사진


SPD Studio had some of the above photos in a REALLY sharp and high quality! I don’t know where SPD got those but they are awesome! A must download for sure! Credit to Star Photo Daily 스타포토데일리- spdstudio.tistory.com

Click to see in full-size!


Again the same photos but since these are even more detailed (despite being edited) I thought I should post them as well. JYP once posted these on their official website jype.wondergirls.com

Two behind-the-scene pics of Yubin. Credit to yoopro I guess..

Now some miscellaneous photos from the making of their MV shooting

One big pic of Sunye *click for full-view*


If anyone knows where to find the other photos from this batch in bigger size please tell me!! (xD)

Here are some other little thingies. A paper doll cut-out sheet which is supposed to be featuring Sohee who can be dressed in her Wonder Women, comeback/jacket outfit and even the Irony outfit lol.

Here the advertisement posters that were hanging around all over Seoul featuring Sohee as Wonder Women.

That’s it for now xD

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