Wonder Girls – Unused Irony outfits

Unused because they never appeared in any broadcasted TV show with these grey outfits. I think that’s very weird because they wore some outfits twice or even more often and these were only worn for a press photoshooting (News Up) and in one unbroadcasted event (as far as I know).

Anyway I’ll post the photos from Newsup.co.kr here. That site is down already but happily there is one blog which is blog.naver.com/newsup_photo that stored some of the press photos from this site. So luckily I was able to get them but they seem to be a bit smaller than they actually were. The first one is a bit bigger than the second but cut so I’ll post both.

원더걸스 아이러니 의상 뉴스업 기사 사진

Here are the pics from the performance. This was from 대구 별밤 공개방송 – Daegu Starry Night Public Broadcast

I don’t know where I found these. Normally I wouldn’t even post such bad quality photos but since there aren’t any more of these outfits I have no choice xD

Now I uploaded all photos from Wonder Girls’ Irony days! Wow I can’t believe it XD

To celebrate that I’ll post some bonus pics from ‘MTV Sunny Side’ and a fansigning they had. I like how bright and colorful they are ❤

NOW!! Next up the photos from the Tell Me days!! I can’t wait! x3

Btw you can go to the Directory for an overview of all posts in this blog! Makes it easier to navigate 🙂


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