Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.11.17 MKMF outfits

These Irony outfits are very special. The Wonder Girls wore them towards the end of their Tell Me promotions so they probably weren’t even designed for the Irony promotions. In November 2007 they performed at 2007 MNET-KM Music Festival – 엠넷-케이엠 뮤직 페스티벌 (MKMF) and wore those silver glittery outfits that resemble their Irony outfits.

The first bunch of pictures from this event are very high quality and taken by 순간순간 of blog.paran.com/momentyou (this site is down nowadays). These photos are so awesome! :3


Next pictures are from Mnet 엠넷 – mnet.com

There were 3 events Wonder Girls wore these outfits at. I’m gonna start with the Newsen photos because they have pics from each of these events. First are from the MKMF again where they received an award. Credits to Newsen 뉴스엔 – newsen.com

The next Newsen pics are from the 쇼, 쇼, 쇼 콘서트 (Show, show, show Concert) from the singer 양파 (Jangpa) where the WG where guests and performed a few songs with her.

Next ones are from the MBC 창사특집‘DJ4U 일탈 콘서트’ – DJ4U Deviant Concert that also got broadcasted on TV.

So moving on to the other press photos. Mostly from the MKMF event. Next by MyDaily 마이데일리 – mydaily.co.kr

Two by StarNews 스타뉴스 – star.mt.co.kr

A couple of pics by JoyNews24 조이뉴스24 – joynews.inews24.com

Next batch by Photoro/SportKorea 포토로/스포츠코리아 – isportskorea.com



Next by I Culture News 아이컬쳐뉴스 – iculturenews.com

Here some fantaken pics. The first ones by SabZil – sabzil.u.to (site is down now so I don’t know if there are more pics like these)

Next photos are by 강하다 (Kanghada)

Next photo by 18860404.com if I read that right.

Following photo is from EoS-KissX on SLR Club ->see here


Next one by jeeyong on SLR Club ->here

Next photo is tagged 반반 – Banban

Next 3 pics are from Chosun 조선 – chosun.com

Then two by epg – epg.co.kr

Go News 고뉴스 – gonews.co.kr

HanKyung 한경 – hankyung.com

Newsway 뉴스웨이

Osen – osen.mt.co.kr

Yonhap News 연합뉴스

And a couple ones without tag

One by Segye 세계 – segye.com

SPN – starin.edaily.co.kr

Sports Donga 스포츠동아

Sports Hanguk 스포츠 한국

And by one more fan-taken of Sohee. Credit to cyworld.com/yangpadungi.



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