Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.06.10 Dream Concert outfits

Red outfits again! This time they wore them for their performance in the Dream Concert, the biggest concert for stars in Korea!

They also wore them at JYP’s audition show together with Yubin. But first I’ll post the press photos from the Dream concert!

원더걸스 아이러니 드림콘서트 공연 기사 사진

Pics by 1S 일간스포츠 – isplus.joinsmsn.com

Pics by GoNews 고뉴스 – gonews.co.kr

By Mediastar

By MyDaily 마이데일리 – mydaily.co.kr

Newsen 뉴스엔 – newsen.com as always got some more and better ones x3

Newsis 뉴시스 – newsis.com also got nice ones.

Osen – osen.mt.co.kr

Photoro/SportKorea 포토로/스포츠코리아 – isportskorea.com

ReviewStar 리뷰스타 – reviewstar.hankooki.com

SportsSeoul 스포츠서울닷컴 sportssoul.com

Star News 스타뉴스 – star.mt.co.kr

YonhapNews 연합뉴스 – yonhapnews.co.kr

epg – epg.co.kr

Newsway 뉴스웨이

I Culture News 아이컬쳐뉴스 – iculturenews.com

Next photos are fan-taken from the JYP Audition final celebration stage JYP 오디션 본선 축하무대 원걸 찍직. This must have been shortly before their Tell Me comeback. Photos by Jaeho 별 이지니 jaeho.jaram.org

Next ones by KKAO 까오

These two by Soheenim of Wonderholic 원더홀릭 소희님

Next event is UCC스타 오프라인 무대 – the UCC Star Offline stage taken by 이빈짱 of SLR Club ->see here

Next pics are from the U클린 콘서트 – U Clean Concert. The last performance with Hyuna. Photos by JD.

One pic of Yubin!! First stage for her 😀 The photo is by 카인 Kain from the 070909 JYP 공채오디션 1기 축하공연

Lastly some rather big and good quality photos from the Dream Concert red carpet. The first one is untagged so I can’t give credit..


This one is by 동근이아빠 on SLR Club ->see here


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