Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.04.29 Music Bank outfits

원더걸스 아이러니 뮤직뱅크 공연 사진

My collection of these blue outfits is very incomplete. Especially the fan-taken photos. But let’s start with the Mnet photos. Credit to 엠넷 mnet.com

The next for pics are by KKAO or 까오 I think. The first 4 are from the 일산 라페스타 하나포스 100M 콘서트, some festival or concert in Ilsan on 2007.04.29. But the last one of Sohee is with the same outfit but she has a different hair-style so it has to be from another performance. If someone has the complete set of these pics please show me!

The next set of awesome pics is by 태반장 ->source

The next pics are tagged with a so badly readable font that I just can’t figure out what site it points to. Somewhat like cyworld.com/eplisnar6 or something 😛 They were also uplaoded in the SLR Club gallery ->see here Anyway they were tagged 국민체조 – National Gymnastics – if that helps.

Next set is very awesome again. Wonder Girls were performing in the rain at this performance! These pics are tagged with various sites.. one is cyworld.com/ohkaist and one blog.naver.com/nukusinji guess I’ll just credit them to True World, woo! Anyway they were taken at the 한양대 축제 Hanyang University Festival 2007.05.09. Just as a note they got also posted on SLR ->here


Following are pics from the same school festival but this time taken by Sang Young of cyworld.com/4tm or something like that.

While we’re at posting festival photos taken by fans here some by DDAZO from the Seoul University Festival. 서울시립대 축제 찍직 by 따조

Found one photo by soulwonder when I read this correctly. 별하 in wonder girls

Now let’s post some press photos again. These are from My Daily

two from Go News

one from epg

one from Newsen

and one from Chosun.

Two pics from their Channel V performance. Unfortunately they’re gifs because I didn’t find the originals. Credit to ChannelV and ahnsohee92 I guess..

2 Irony pics by blog.daum.net/7237474

3 pics from jype.com/wonderful.club but I don’t have them in full-size

The next couple of pics are just random pics I found..

Big picture of Hyuna! It’s kinda weird though x3

BBig group picture from a performance

Pic of Sunmi making Vs

Min-Ahn so cute ❤

This photo is by Taky. I’m still searching for the original and for the rest of the batch..

Now I have lots more fan-taken photos which are kinda unspectacular so I won’t post them here because I don’t want this post to get any longer.  I’ll just link to an album I made on photobucket where I uploaded all those photos to.

They include photos of the girls with fans taken as a group or individual. Here’s an example of these photos

Also lots of photos by Rover. Just check the link down here

->Photobucket album

If I ever find an original batch of one of these photos I’ll repost them into the blog. But as long as I only have bits of each this will have to do.


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