Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.03.31 Music Core outfits

Here are the photos of WGs white Irony outfits.

원더걸스 아이러니 음악 중심 직찍 사진

Wonder Girls had an outdoor performance at 한강 여의도 봄꽃축제 ‘Han River Yeoui Island Spring Flower Festival’ and there are some very pretty fan-taken photos of it! (I think sometimes this festival is also called 벚꽃축제 – Cherry Blossoms Festival or simply 2007 한강 페스티벌 Han River Festival)

The first batch of pictures is really great! The pics are very good quality and in some interesting angles! So happy that I found the original post by John ^_^ Credit goes to johnshlee.tistory.com

Next photos have this kind of red symbol as a tag. I’m so happy I found the originals so I can share the whole set ❤ Credit to blog.daum.net/dak11

Next photos are by a Chinese photographer I guess. The photos are tagged 牽龍 which is pronounced qiān lóng and literaly means ‘lead a dragon’ as far as I could find out x3

I never found the original photos so some of them are cut out unfortunately.

One photo of Yeeun by Park Jung Hyun posted in the SLR Club galleries ->see here

Here are yet some more fan-taken photos from Wonder Girls at a school festival but I don’t know who took them.

One untagged photo of Hyuna

One photo of Sohee. Photo by nez to roya

And one from supportwondergirls.com

The next couple of pics are group pictures presumably taken backstage at the Spring Flower concert.

Here we have Hyuna and Sunmi with some fans =)

And a backstage pic of dorky Sunmi getting prepared for stage ❤

One My Daily photo:

One Newsen photo:

And finally photos from an Inkigayo radio show called 박준형의 fm 인기가요


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