Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.03.25 Music Bank photos

This time it’s a combination of pink with blue stripes which looks absolutely awesome and cute ❤

The first photos are very nice quality by Nemos. Credit to myth153.blog.me. The clickable pics are higher resolutions from SLRClub ->see here







Luckily there are alot of photos mostly fanmade. I don’t know who originally took them so I can’t give credit. I found them on various sites like daum, nate etc. These pics are from 건대축제 Kondae Festival. 건대 I guess is short for 건국 대학교 Konkuk University.

Wow those were alot. But there are still alot more. The next ones are by Rover. Not all in their original size but still. They are all only of Sohee x3

Here’s one more untagged photo of of this school concert.

The next photos aren’t that big but they are backstage photos which are very rare and precious! Credit to cyworld.com.cn/minsunye

Next are two group pics weirdly without Sohee 😦

They also were on a radio program called MBC Star Night 원더걸스 별이 빛나는 밤에 사진

Those last pics are very blurry and weird. They are obviously taken by a student of the school they had the performance in which is 경덕중학교. Posted by 디오 on DC Inside Wonder Girls gallery 디시인사이드 원갤


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