Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.03.10 Music Core photos

The rose/pink outfits they wore for Music Core and also for their first fanmeeting on 2007.03.15! They are really cute and soft looking ^^

원더걸스 아이러니 음악중심 + 첫 팬미팅 사진

First official photos from mnet 엠넷 because they also performed at M!Countdown

As for the official press photos from the first fanmeeting event.

Starting with the pics from MyDaily 마이데일리 mydaily.co.kr


Posted the one pic of Sohee twice because the one is really big and without a watermark. Have absolutely no clue where this pic is from and why the others aren’t available in high quality.

Next Newsen’s pics 뉴스엔 newsen.com

Next pics are by Star News 스타뉴스 star.mt.co.kr. Some are cropped for the sake of a complete collection.

Now photos from ReviewStar 리뷰스타 reviewstar.hankooki.com

Probably not complete. The originals aren’t available anymore again. The website deleted them.

Next 3 pics are by I Culture News 아이컬쳐뉴스 – iculturenews.com

Following is a batch of photos posted by 6월의 아침 in the SLR Club gallery ->see here here here and here



The next pics are untagged photos taken by fans from a performance at some event. Some are really good quality.

The next two pics are from cyworld.com/geniusB

The next 5 pics have some Arabian(?) text on them which I can’t read so I can’t give prober credit. Unfortunately I don’t have all and the last one is just a thumbnail.

The next photos are also some fan-taken ones from this festival thing. Not to good quality though.

Next we have one scan from a magazine.

Two backstage photos from M!Countdown:

Lastly one fun pic of Yeeun and Hyuna x3


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