Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.02.25 Music Bank photos

Here I’ll post photos of the Wonder Girls in the green Irony outfits (Sohee’s yellow vest totally stands out there).

원더걸스 아이러니 뮤직뱅크 사진

Newsen had a photoshooting with these outfits and also took photos from a performance. Gonna post the pics from the shooting first.

뉴스엔 원더걸스 촬영 포토

From the performance:

A couple of Mnet photos 엠넷 사진 mnet.com

Photos from photoro.com

Now some fantaken photos:

Only Hyuna and Sunye.. credit to cyworld.com/dansim5

All these sites don’t exist anymore.. I’m so happy I have these pictures!

The 2 above of Sohee are from victory90.com (photo by Dahyun)

Now some selcas of the girls ❤

First from Sunmi backstage at M!Countdown as it seems:

Sunye and Yeeun:

Don’t know if they are both by club.cyworld.com.cn/wondergirls


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