Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.02.11 Inkigayo photos

There are only a view photos with the checkered blue outfits from their second debut stage on Inkigayo.

원더걸스 아이러니 데뷔 인기가요 사진

First photos from a photoshoot. These pics are from imagebank. I’m glad I saved them a while back because I tried to do it again now but failed so I’m lucky I got those! Credit to imagebank 뉴스뱅크이미지 image.newsbank.co.kr

Following are some of the pics from above but from Sports Chosun. They are bigger but also not so great quality. I couldn’t decide which I should keep so I’m gonna post both of them. Credits to Sports Chosun Starline 스포츠조선스타라인

-½ºÆ÷Ã÷Á¶¼±- °¡¼ö ¿ø´õ°É½º ±èÇö¾Æ /2007.2.14//¼ÛÁ¤Çå±âÀÚ songs@

The next ones are from Channel V because they also performed with these outfits on that channel. Credit to channelv.co.kr

The next two of Sohee aren’t tagged so I don’t know who took these.. sorry!

Next ones are by 짬뽕 zzambbong.lil.to

The zzambbong ones are probably incomplete because I didn’t find the original post.. meh!


One more of Sohee. I don’t exactly know where this is from but it seems from an official site with a summery of all the members or something..


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