Wonder Girls – Irony 2007.02.10 Music Core photos

These photos from their first debut Irony performance ever (or better photos with these red checkered outfits) are also very pretty! Most are really nice quality as well ^^ Remember you can see what the real size of a pic when you click it. The first ones are really big.

원더걸스 아이러니 데뷔 음악중심 고화질 사진

First are some very high resolution photos. This quality is so amazing! Definitely worth to download. Credit to fnn.co.kr or focus.co.kr

초고화질 화보 사진

Wonder Girls IronyWonder Girls IronyWonder Girls IronyFNNYeeunSunyeHyunaFNNAll4Wonder Girls Sohee Yeeun IronyFNNSohee2Wonder Girls Sohee IronyWonder Girls Hyuna Irony

Next are pictures of the girls by Game Meca 게임메카 gamemeca.com


Next alot of pics from their Sina interview. That is a Chinese website so I guess they were in China at that time. Credit to ent.sina.com.cn 新浪娱乐

SinaAll1 SinaAll2 SinaAll3 SinaHyuna1 SinaHyuna2 SinaHyuna3 SinaSohee1 SinaSohee2 SinaSohee3 SinaSunmi1 SinaSunmi2 SinaSunmi3 SinaSunmi4 SinaSunye1 SinaSunye2 SinaSunye3 SinaSunye4 SinaSunye5 SinaYeeun1 SinaYeeun2 SinaYeeun3 SinaYeeun4 SinaYeeun5JoyNews

This last picture is by Joy News 24 조이뉴스24 – joynews.inews24.com

The next two pics are from cyworld.com.cn. I don’t know if there were more Wonder Girls photos because that site doesn’t seem to exist anymore so I can’t check ;__;

Cyworld1 Cyworld2

Next photo seems to be with one of their stylists. Credit to cyworld.com/euna3579


The next pic is also a small group picture


Here are some selcas. Could be from their MV shooting

SoheeSelca1 SoheeSelca2 SunmiSelca YeeunSunmiSelca

This selca of Yeeun and Sunmi might be a backstage selca in their waiting room for their debut performance! Next one is a fan-taken pic from their first stage.


A little Sohee-Sunye picture


And one pic of Sohee which is clearly in the same location but she wears a different skirt. Don’t know why but it’s cute x3


Yeeun and her mom lol ❤



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