Wonder Girls – The Wonder Begins single album photos

This blog will be dedicated to high resolution Wonder Girls photos! To start off I’ll post all pics I have from the booklet of their first single.

Some of the pics are really high resolution. They just appear small because the design squeezes them in but just save to see their real size ^^

원더걸스 데뷔 싱글 아이러니 재킷 사진

Wonder Girls The Wonder Begins Jacket photo HQ
IronyGroup2 IronyGroup3

And as it seems when looking at the next two making pics these shots were actually planned with those other outfits:

WG Irony WG Irony

Now for the individual Jacket photoshooting pics. Credit to wondergirls.jye.com

IronyHyuna wondernostalgia.wordpress.com IronySunmi IronySunye IronyYeeun

Here behind-the-scene photos:

BackstageSoheeSunmi BackstageSunmi BackstageYeeun

Next the photos of them in their white knitted dress outfits ^^

WhiteGroup1 WhiteGroup2 WhiteGroup3 WhiteHyuna1 스타일: "70's look" WhiteSohee1 스타일: "70's look" WhiteSunmi WhiteSunye1 스타일: "70's look" Yeeun 스타일: "70's look"

And again some making-of photos:

WhiteBackstageHyuna WhiteBackstageSunmi WhiteBackstageYeeun

That’s all I have from their booklet shootings =)

The next photos are from the MTV Sunny Side event and a fansigning. I’ll post them here just because the outfits are the same as in the one group shot above. I love how colorful they are ❤

원더걸스 MTV 써니사이드 사진


The next two are from somewhere else. I don’t know..



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