Wonder Girls – Showcase Irony outfits

Lot’s of nice photos from Wonder Girls’ first showcase on 2007.02.13. Most are press photos. In this post I will only upload photos with their Irony outfits. Maybe I will add pics with the other outfits sometime later.

원더걸스 첫 쇼케이스 아이러니만

First there are some really high resolution photos from an Mnet interview! Just awesome!

엠넷 인터뷰 초고화질 사진

First the group picture:


Sunye 선예:


Sunmi 선미:


Sohee 소희:


Hyuna 현아:


Yeeun 예은:


These are photos from a photoshoot with mydaily.co.kr 마이데일리. The big pictures are from nipic.com

MyDailySohee1 MyDailySohee2 MyDailySohee3 MyDailySohee4 MyDailySunmi1 MyDailySunmi2 MyDailySunmi3 MyDailySunmi4 MyDailySunmi4b MyDailySunye1 MyDailySunye2 MyDailySunye3 MyDailySunye4 MyDailySunye5 MyDailyYeeun1 MyDailyYeeun2 MyDailyYeeun3

Next a photo shooting with Star News – star.mt.co.kr 스타뉴스

StarNewsShootingGroup1 StarNewsShootingGroup2 StarNewsShootingGroup3 StarNewsShootingGroup4 StarNewsShootingGroup5 StarNewsShootingGroup6 StarNewsShootingGroup7 StarNewsShootingHyuna1 StarNewsShootingHyuna2 StarNewsShootingSohee StarNewsShootingSunmi StarNewsShootingSunye1 StarNewsShootingSunye2 StarNewsShootingYeeun

Star News photos from the performance

StarNewsShowcaseAll StarNewsShowcaseHyuna1 StarNewsShowcaseHyuna2 StarNewsShowcaseHyuna3 StarNewsShowcaseSohee1 StarNewsShowcaseSohee2 StarNewsShowcaseSohee3 StarNewsShowcaseSohee4 StarNewsShowcaseSohee5 StarNewsShowcaseSohee6 StarNewsShowcaseSunmi1 StarNewsShowcaseSunmi2 StarNewsShowcaseSunmi3 StarNewsShowcaseSunmi4 StarNewsShowcaseSunmi5 StarNewsShowcaseSunmi6 StarNewsShowcaseSunye1 StarNewsShowcaseSunye2 StarNewsShowcaseYeeun1 StarNewsShowcaseYeeun2 StarNewsShowcaseYeeun3 StarNewsShowcaseYeeunSunmi

Next are photos by chosun.com 조선닷컴

ChosunAll1 ChosunAll2 ChosunSohee1 ChosunSohee2 ChosunSoheeSunmi ChosunSunye ChosunYeeun ChosunYeeunSunmiSohee

Next couple of pics are from blog.daum.net/7237474

ShowcaseAll1 ShowcaseAll2 ShowcaseSohee ShowcaseSunmiSohee ShowcaseYeeun

Photos from newsen.com 뉴스엔

Newsen1 Newsen2 Newsen3 Newsen4 Newsen5 Newsen6 Newsen7

Some photos from photoro.com


Sports Donga 스포츠동아

I Culture News 아이컬쳐뉴스 – iculturenews.com

ICultureNews1 ICultureNews2


NewsUpSunye NewsUpSohee NewsUpAll

These two are a bit bigger by blog.daum.net/ds3fan

ds3fanHyunaSunye ds3fanSohee

These pics are from Wonder Girls’ official daum fancafe – cafe.daum.net/wg070210


Credit: ReviewStar 리뷰스타 reviewstar.hankooki.com


Credit: yule.sohu.com

So that is really all now XD


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