Sunmi – Grazia 2018 photoshoot

Summer photoshoot by Sunmi for Grazia. The photos were taken in LA.

Title: This Is Me
Magazine: Grazia
Issue: Volume 99 (February 2018)

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Yubin – Grazia 2017 photoshoot

Yubin’s awesome summer photos from her Grazia photoshoot on the Fairmont Sanur Beach, Bali. Again there are two versions. Sometimes the untagged ones are bigger or smaller so I’m posting both versions.

Title: Sun-kissed
Magazine: Grazia
Issue: Volume 91 (June 2017)

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Sohee – High Cut 2017 photoshoot

Happy New Year everyone and sorry for the very long absence! These are the photos of Sohee’s summer photoshoot for High Cut in June 2017! The photos were taken on Jeju Island. I don’t think they released a proper making video but they posted some short clips on Instagram which you can downlaod here

Title: 소희의 정원 (Sohee’s Garden)
Magazine: High Cut
Issue: Volume 200 (June 2017)

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A few months ago it came to my notice that all photos from the oldest blog posts have been disabled. This is because I primarily used Photobucket as a host for those photos which decided to disable direct links. This means I have to re-upload all of the old photos. I’m currently updating the posts from the Tell Me era. Until all pictures are working again the posting of new content is on hold. Please don’t get discouraged by the lack of new content as there is a lot going on in the old posts.

Thanks for reading and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.