Wonder Girls – Like This 2012.06.30 Music Core outfits

The K-Wave magazine included a photoshoot of the girls in its August 2012 issue. Some photos were also shared on the BNT news website. In this post I’ll only share the photos with the Like This outfits. The other ones will be shared in a seperate post.

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Wonder Girls – Like This 2012.06.23 Music Core outfits

The outfits WG wore at Music Core but there are actually no photos from that performance. However, they wore them again at the 창원 시민의 날 희망콘서트 – Changwon Citizen’s Day Hope Concert on 2012.06.27. This event was broadcasted on 2012.07.10 as the MBC Beautiful Concert.

Here are some fantaken photos including rehearsal pictures. First photos are by Yubina.com

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Wonder Girls – Like This 2012.06.15 Music Bank outfits

The girls wore these outfits at two broadcasted performances. Of the one at Music Bank there are only backstage photos though. Only Mnet took a lot of photos again during the M!Countdown stage.

The first photos were taken after they got the award at Music Bank on 2012.06.15. You can watch the Real WG episode with footage from this at the end of this post.

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