Hyerim – wedding photoshoots

Our sweet Lim is getting married on 2020.07.05! I’m very happy for her and Minchul and sincerely congratulate them ^_^

In this post I want to collect all photos that were taken prior to the wedding day. Kama Studios has taken many really amazing photos and shared them in very high resolution ❤ See all of the photos below

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Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears 2010.12.31 New Year Countdown outfits

Wonder Girls wore these outfits very late into the 2DT promotions. They wore them during several performances in China and at some concerts.

First are the photos from the Jiangsu TV New Year Concert in Nanjing, China on 2010.12.31

First two photos by Getty Images

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Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears 2010.05.28 Music Bank outfits

All photos of these outfits are from the ‘EXR Runway Party with Wonder Girls’ on 2010.05.28. The outfits are so cool looking! Lots of rivets everywhere. Lim’s dress looks like they couldn’t decide which design to use so they just sewed two dresses together 😛

I’ll post the fantaken photos that are nice quality first. The first batch is by SPD

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