Wonder Girls – Like This 2012.06.16 Music Core outfits

Again the girls wore these outfits at music shows in Korea and for some interviews in the US a few months later. The first photos are from the 키스 더 라디오 (슈키라) 콘서트 – Kiss The Radio Concert on 2012.06.16

The best photos are by Toto

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Wonder Girls – Like This 2012.06.15 Music Bank outfits

The girls wore these outfits at two broadcasted performances. Of the one at Music Bank there are only backstage photos though. Only Mnet took a lot of photos again during the M!Countdown stage.

The first photos were taken after they got the award at Music Bank on 2012.06.15. You can watch the Real WG episode with footage from this at the end of this post.

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Wonder Girls – Wonder Party album photos

In June 2012 the Wonder Girls came back with the song “Like This” promoting the album “Wonder Party”. In this post I’ll share all album jacket photos as well as behind the scene photos also from the filming of the music video for Like This.

These images are very high resolution. You can find these nowhere else in that size. Click the images to get the full size.

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Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears 2010.05.22 + 2010.05.29 Music Core outfits

Combining these two outfits in one post as there are only a couple of photos each. Compared to the other 2DT outfits these are really colorful and interesting. It’s such a shame that they only wore them a few times!

Of the outfits worn on the Music Core performances on 2010.05.22 there are only the following two photos

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Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears 2011.04.17 Korean Wave outfits

Only a couple more posts with the 2DT outfits. If I’m not wrong they really wore these outfits so late into their promotions and only wore them in their abroad performances. There are again many photos so I’ll only share the best ones.

First performance was at the 태국 MBC한류콘서트 – Korean Wave in Bangkok on 2011.03.12 (broadcast on 2011.04.17)


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